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Once you buy a backorder credit, golf stroke it to use is as easy as work into your account, clicking on “Domain Backorders” within the “My Products” section and applying it to the name you would like.All backordered domains undergo AN auction method. If you’re the primary to backorder a particular domain, we’ll use your backorder payment to place the opening bid – no additional charges are made.There may be multiple people interested in the same domain. If you are not the first person to place a backorder on a domain, you will be notified when the domain goes to auction.If you are the only person to backorder the domain, you will receive the domain at no additional cost, which also includes the first year’s registration fee.Hide your identity from the former domain owner and other prying eyes. Adding Private Registration to your backorder keeps your name, address, email and phone number from being listed in the public database, so your personal information remains safe and secure.

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