Medical Colleges of Bangladesh

Southern Medical University, the previous initial Military Medical University, was based in October 1951 and notarized united of the premier medical universities in 1978. The university was two-handed over to the government of  province and in the meantime renamed as Southern Medial University, in line with the command by the State Department and also the Central Military Committee of  PLA in August 2004. At present, the university has been approved by the Department of Education as a key medical university.

In educational exchanges, the university has invited and used over a hundred specialists and students better-known in China or internationally, as unearned professors or visiting professors and meantime administered cooperative analysis and educational exchanges with the colleges or institutes in additional than thirty countries or regions just like the us, Britain, Japan, France and Australia and metropolis. At present, the university has admitted international students from over twenty countries. Besides, the university is increasing such programs as mutual visits of schools and exchanges of scholars with foreign educational establishments.

Our hospital is functioning quite well. we have a tendency to area unit getting to create specialised departments in our hospital block. ab initio our focus is to be specialised in medical specialty. thus we’ve taken initiative to line up the power of excretory organ qualitative analysis. it’s notable that solely 2 hospitals in metropolis have this facility however the low financial gain cluster individuals don’t have the access to the present service, however the door of Southern Medical school & Hospital is often receptive those disadvantaged individuals. Secondly, we have a tendency to area unit considering to develop our orthopaedic Department as metropolis remains insulating material behind during this arena. however we have a tendency to ne’er say our manner was swish and throne free however we have a tendency to overcame all the impediments.

We will keep our endeavor moving forward however we’d like individuals of all social strata, specially folks and students to face beside USA to form this noble effort successful . we tend to believe we will build a much better future by co-operating one another.We cannot deny social responsibility however why did we Main fieldselected health sector? The quantitative relation of physicians to patients is insufficient in People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Moreover, most of the folks can’t afford the price of treatment. All around America, humans area unit plagued by painful bite of maladies of various types and that we cannot stay heedless to their cries. To fight against the diseases and to cure and luxury men and ladies we tend to started this medical faculty that’s equipped with all fashionable facilities that features a charitable air. Here poor folks get the simplest treatment with none discrimination.

The library possesses adequate areas with well equipped, snug seating arrangement for academics & students. The library is supplied with adequate variety of text books of all the themes, with Brobdingnagian variety of reference books, necessary journals in varied subjects.


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