Hair Loss Restoration Procedures

The surgical hair loss restoration techniques has now-a-days become an out patient treatment for most of the FDA approved centers. This procedure just involves the transplant of hair follicle. Restoring lost hair is not a great issue for dermatologist using surgery, but to identify the cause of hair loss and to treat it without the use of surgery is an complicated issue for almost all the dermatologist.

Rather than surgical treatment many medication treatment is available in both natural and artificial way. Medication restoration techniques are to be followed strictly under the guidance of the dermatologist because some may even become toxic and affects other parts of the body.

Each and every hair follicle is genetically programmed before birth. Some follicles grow after puberty and dies within a certain period. The greatest challenge in the restoration surgery is placing the transplanted hair according to the nature of the hair line of the patients. All the humans have a different pattern of hair line.

A non surgical method in restoration is the “SENSI-GRAFT”. This technique is followed for men and men only. This treatment is undetectable and the hair looks as it is naturally grown. The hair line pattern is maintained through out the procedure. This treatment is also successful on patients who lost the hair due to burn and chemo therapy treatment.

Hair replacement solution for female has not lost its way. “RE-ALLUSIONS” is a treatment for women hair loss replacement. This treatment cures female hair problem like Alopecia, thinning and pattern baldness. This is definitely an innovation for women, because women always feel ashamed of their baldness and does not even try to show it to a dermatologist.

Reviews on the above techniques for men and women have showed that these treatments are proven and they are recommended to the FDA for approval. Another therapy for curing hair loss is the massage therapy. By massaging the head deeply inside the scalps along the hairline will certainly stimulate the hair follicle and result in the re growth of hair. This will be successful, only if the hair loss is due to stress. If you enjoyed this post and you would certainly like to get even more information concerning Hair Restoration Solution kindly visit our own webpage.

Natural hair loss replacement techniques are the application of natural oil in the thinned hair region. Baldness could not be reversely restored by applying the oil. Some hair lose their composure and the scalps becomes dry. These can be restored to natural being with the help of oils and herbs.

Hair loss restoration techniques increased due to the invention of various drugs like Propecia, Avodart etc and also due to the production of bio cleansing shampoo like Revivogen and other products like Trichomin and Cirnagen. Using diet’s rich in vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and iron which should be a proper mixture known as the balanced diet also enriches hair follicle nourishment helping in hair stimulation.