A new broadcast home seemed natural

Megan Kelly is a Nutrition Practitioner and Licensed Esthetician specializing in women’s health, neurobiology and quantum hormonology.

As a writer and speaker, her work guides people to transform their body and mind through functional nutrition, mental and emotional training, and habit mastery. You can follow Megan at RenewingAllThings.com to learn how to have a healthy fit body, an unstoppable mind, and a life full of passion and purpose. Megan outlines the incredible healing power of the body and mind and how to thrive exactly how our Creator intended.

A new broadcast home seemed natural, considering her rocky on-air relationship with Donald Trump, the next president, whose mockery of her seemed to keep her off balance.  With Megyn kelly pictures as a symbol of Trump resentment, a home at NBC, which eventually signed her for north of ten million dollars a year, seemed a natural fit.

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