3 Type of Bluetooth Headset

Have you ever felt complicated to use a wired headset?

If so, maybe it’s time for you to switch to a more modern headset, guys. That is to the bluetooth headset that can be used without connecting any cable to your music device.

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Yes, indeed wired headsets have sound quality that tends to be better. However, now Bluetooth headsets also have sophisticated features to create quality sound and are more practical to use.

Type of Bluetooth Headset:
Before we discuss the best bluetooth recommendations, you can visit https://downloadlagupop.com before we have to know the types of bluetooth headphones guys. The following list:

1. Headphones:

The first type of headseat bluetooth is the headphone type. His trademark is the presence of a comfortable headband and earmuff.

This type of headset has advantages with good audio quality and remains clear. Unfortunately because of the large size, it makes it less comfortable to be taken away.

2. Hanging Neck Type:

If this headset still has a cable on the device. The cable connects the headset to the left and right. So it’s still comfortable and unobtrusive. Usually this type of headset is also waterproof.

This type of headset is suitable for sports fans. Even though your activities are very active, there is no need to fear being lost when falling. Because the existing cable will make this headset still hang on your neck.

3. One Ear:

This type of headset is usually only available in one unit. So it’s not for use in both ears. This bluetooth headset also has a mic that is used for chatting. But this tool is not suitable for listening to music.

One ear type is more suitable for busy people who cannot escape telephone communication. Because of its small shape this headset is comfortable to wear anywhere in everyday life.

4. Complete Separation:

This type of bluetooth headset was only popular after Apple launched Airpods. Cordless headset and 2 units for the right and left.

If you like tools that are both practical and stylish, then this type suits you. But because of its small size, you have to be more careful about storing it.