What The Golf? Wins Spilprisens Game Of The Year 2020 Award

What is golf? is a fun sports game. “A parody of golf based on silly physics where each golf course is a surprising new type of golf, some brilliant or hilarious, others so absurd that they will make you go: WHAT IS GOLF?” declares the official summary.

The title was certainly made by people who know nothing about golf but the game is intended to amuse the players. There are various obstacles around the world, golf boss fights, and it’s the “first (and hopefully the last) game that lets you play horseback”.

What is golf? is not intended to make someone a better golf player and is not a true representation of the sport. What The Golf? Wins Spilprisens Game Of The Year 2020 Award

Triband has an additional bonus for steamers who want to steam What the Golf? Players are invited to start a new campaign save location in the settings, then play the Streamer challenge. The challenge has fewer jokes but increased difficulties. Streamers are encouraged to post on their livestream on What the Golf? Discord the channel and identify the developer on Twitter.

Triband is a development team based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The developer is also working on the release of Keyboard Sports – Saving QWERTY, which should be released in 2020 on Steam.

What is golf? is now available on PC via Epic Games Store and mobile via the App Store. A Nintendo Switch and Steam version is currently pending.