Log Into Path Of Exile Today For Your Annual Gift

Path of Exile is a rare gem that has the misfortune of being free to play; this genre alone has been riddled with titles that tackle microtransactions to the tune of billions, ushering in a new era of gaming where even full titles have microtransactions that regularly climb into the hundreds of dollars per purchase. Yet Path of Exile has steadfastly maintained the path, providing thousands of hours for content that absolutely doesn’t need any transactions to explore.

Their friendliness has been an essential element of the studio and their title since its launch in 2013 which capitalized on the extremely poor launch that Blizzard did in Diablo 3, another action-RPG hybrid focused on dungeon exploration, the loot and the character of the constructions that modify small numbers and percentages for incalculable strength. Log Into Path Of Exile Today For Your Annual Gift From Developer Grinding Gear Games This philosophy continues today, as it does every year for Christmas; as a gratitude to their players, anyone who connects today can receive a free consumable microtransaction that will add an MTX to your stash.

You can find the Polaris Mystery Box in your microtransaction hideout in the game itself and launch your item immediately. You can receive a special aesthetic for your character, or even furniture and effects for your personal hiding place in the title. The Polaris Mystery Box generally costs 30 points, each point costing ten cents (an accidental nod to their recent purchase by the Chinese giant Tencent). So a box costs around three dollars, although it’s not something you can trade on the forums for real money.