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Another player left Twitch, a game streaming pioneer, for greener, pixelated pastures. Corinna Kopf decided to separate from the platform and settle down with Facebook Gaming. It is Facebook Gaming’s biggest female signature and it will certainly bring a lot of new eyeballs to the platform. As Kopf fans may know, she was recently suspended from Twitch for showing off the lingerie she was wearing. The clip was a year old, but Twitch decided to ban it anyway.

Well, that started a fire under it to start looking for a new game streaming platform. “Most of you know that gambling has become an important part of my life over the past year. As a player, it is so important to me to find a home that empowers me, but also all of you, in order to have a positive impact in the gaming world. ”

It’s very obvious that Kopf is unhappy with Twitch’s choice to suspend it. Another reason that helped Kopf decide to leave could be the recent players who left Twitch. It has been widely reported that several game stars have left Twitch for rivals like Microsoft Mixer, YouTube Live and of course Facebook Gaming. Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Leaked As Icon Appears On The PlayStation Store Some of these names are Ninja, Shroud, Disguised Toast and CouRage. They all left to continue their gaming careers, and they felt that Twitch was not the right fit for them. Companies like Microsoft, Google and Facebook sign exclusive contracts with game stars and offer them opportunities they never received when playing only on Twitch.

One would assume that Kopf was largely paid for his use of Facebook Gaming, which could also include other concerts, such as event appearances and media opportunities. One thing is certain, if players want to watch Kopf in streaming, they will have to switch to Facebook. It is important to note that some players are strong with Twitch. Popular streamers like TimTheTatman and DrLupo came out and said they were loyal to Twitch.