Fault Location Services Mountain Laurel

Is there an electrical fault you want to locate? Or do you seek a safe hassle free renovation and development of your building? We at Line locators offer specialized electrical fault locating services to detect faulty underground electrical lines that can hinder your plans of renovation or simply prove dangerous. Equipped with the best resources and personnel we offer our reputed services in the state of Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC.

Damaging an underground fault line can pose severe risks to the team working on the renovation of your building. It is not safe either if your electrical breaker is constantly popping out of the ground. For reconstruction of properties, it is highly essential to know where all the electrical line in the ground lies, so you don’t end up damaging the power supply or worse.
At line locators, Fault Location Services Mountain Laurel we use state of the art equipment to find out where all the electrical line are, and mark them before hand for safe digging and excavation. Using our Electric Line Locator equipment, we induce a dedicated signal on the broken wire. This signal travels into the ground and we use an A-Frame antenna that tells us exactly where the ground fault is located and its depth.

We also use state-of-the-art GPR utility locating services to ensure we accurately find electrical line hidden deep underground. Our GPR locating technology can detect a variety of other threats like gas leakage and water pipe breakdown as well.