Dkilo offers Digital Out of Home advertising solutions. We give advertisers, brands, and companies the perfect opportunity to reach consumers everywhere in Cairo.

We strategically place your ads in front of millions of shoppers around malls, high traffic venues, streets, and highways.
Everything is evolving, and so is advertising. We understand that at Dkilo and we thrive every day to offer our customers an exquisite experience by making use of AdTech solutions and services.
Our customers are our main priority and area of focus. We learn from their feedback to become better, and we compete with ourselves to offer an unmatched experience.

Dkilo Our Customer Support is unbelievably good and they’re well-equipped and empowered to resolve, satisfy, and exceed the expectations.
High Definition QLED and LED Screens that make your ads come to life. Whether your ads are interactive or not, our indoor digital signage solutions are strategically placed inside high traffic venues to guarantee maximum brand awareness and engagement.
We understand that when a company spends on advertising, they would like that budget translated eventually into conversions and sales, and that’s why we strategically and very carefully place our digital advertising solutions. We choose the locations knowing that your target audience will be seeing your ads, without skipping it.
With a Billboard, you get brand positioning. We get that. But that billboard is like a tree. It can’t move! That’s why we worked around it and we’re putting ads on moving vehicles. We’re doing that because a car goes where no billboard can go.

If a car goes everywhere. Then an ad on a car goes everywhere. That’s where your brand will be. Everywhere!