Counting On – Josh And Anna Duggar Explain The Meaning Behind Their Newborn Maryella Hope’s Name

Previous 19 Kids and Counting star Josh and Anna Duggar as of late respected their 6th kid, a girl named Maryella Hope, and the couple has quite recently uncovered the significance of their little girl’s name in an Instagram post after various Counting On fans posed inquiries. Josh and Anna are as of now the guardians of Mackenzie, 9, Michael, 8, Marcus, 6, Meredith, 3, and Mason, 2. Also, on Saturday, Anna posted a pic of child Maryella with Meredith and Mason, and she clarified in a protracted inscription that they picked their little girl’s name to respect Josh’s late grandma, Mary Duggar.Anna composed that when they discovered they were having a young lady, she and Josh began talking about name thoughts and they thought they had it limited. She said that when Josh’s grandma died in late May they thought about the name Mary, yet they were reluctant. Anna clarified that Grandma Mary was such a unique woman, and they needed their little girl’s name to be a token of how exceptional she was and to carry on her inheritance, however without feeling like they were attempting to supplant her.


“Before long, our child name list that we had limited to 3 names had developed to a rundown of around dozen Mary-hyphenated names, ” composed Anna. “As we kept visiting about names, Josh and I both went gaga for the name Maryella! ♥️ We picked Hope for her center name due to the Hope we have in view of Jesus’ life, demise and restoration.” Counting On – Josh And Anna Duggar Explain The Meaning Behind Their Newborn Maryella Hope’s Name.The 31-year-old at that point disclosed to her adherents progressively about Jesus, and she likewise uncovered that during her pregnancy there were numerous sudden delights, including more pregnancy declarations from different individuals from the Duggar family.


Anna said that they likewise lamented nearby those they love the most, and that provoked them to recollect how delicate life is and how short it tends to be. In spite of their pain over losing friends and family, Anna says that they have solace, expectation, and quality since they will one day be brought together with them in heaven.The mother of-six at that point wrapped up her post by saying that Maryella Hope Duggar is a gift, and she and Josh are appreciative for her. Anna conveyed Maryella on Wednesday, November 27th at 9:12 a.m., and she tipped the scales at eight pounds, two ounces. The most current Grand-Duggar estimated 20 inches in length. “On Thanksgiving eve our hearts are flooding with euphoria and thankfulness for the appearance of our 6th youngster!” the couple said in an announcement to Us Weekly. “Anna had a quick work and conveyance without complexities. We are so appreciative for a wonderful, solid infant girl!”New scenes of Counting On air Tuesday evenings on TLC.