As fragile by each herself and coworkers

Ken and Allison usually conceive to bribe him with pizza pie.Krista Marie Yu as Molly Park. Molly is Ken’s daughter, age sixteen at the start of the series, and is a typical American teenager, obsessed with hanging out with friends, texting, and boys, though she is also very studious. She has several Dr. Ken  love interests throughout the series and has a habit of disobeying her parents. While she often tries to deceive her parents and brother, she does show some affection toward her family.
Kate Simses as Dr. Julie Dobbs season . Julie is Ken’s protege and a trained doctor,although she is unsure of herself. She speaks in a very nervous, high-pitched voice and is spoken as fragile by each herself and coworkers. She encompasses a tendency to stay on talking once she’s nervous, divulging Ken’s secrets. She is an especially thorough employee, to the purpose of paying 3 hours with a patient. On the season premiere, it absolutely wasunconcealed that she left the hospital to try to to a medical position elsewhere.Dave Foley as Pat Hein. Ken’s boss and therefore the manager at Welltopia, Pat is associate degree insensitive and slightly racist man United Nations agency usually is that the butt of the joke.